CAUSA FINITA Commercial Real Estate Law Firm - who we are ?

CAUSA FINITA Commercial Real Estate Law Firm is a specialized law firm dealing with a constant, comprehensive, effective and efficient customer support, including its internal legal department, in the ongoing, day-to-day legal service for shopping centres, hotels and retail chains.

Throughout over 10 years of operation we have been trusted by many customers. We have gained experience providing our Customers with legal service, while executing such projects as: "Millenium Hall" in Rzeszów, Wołomin Shopping Mall in Wołomin, Tomaszów Shopping Mall in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, "Sukcesja" Centre in Łódź, “Korona” in Kielce, "Mosty" in Płock, "Leszno"  Shopping Mall in Leszno, "Piast" Shopping Mall in Legnica, “Świdnicka” Shopping Mall in Świdnica, "Twierdza" Shopping Mall in Zamość, as well as retail chains such as Media Expert.  

Our lawyers are business minded and effective. The vast majority of legal problems we deal with is of a repetitive nature - many times we had to deal with these problems, and over the time we learned how to resolve them efficiently and effectively.  For orders of repetitive nature we have developed check lists and procedures. Our knowledge management system allows effective accessing the provisions of law, court decisions and opinions on legal doctrines applicable in the case in question.

Thanks to industry specialization, we are able to base our offer on three assumptions:

  • continuous availability of lawyers - we guarantee from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. the continuous availability of our lawyers - a customer may consult them at any time via video channel with possibility of screen sharing, as well as consultations by telephone and e-mail  (which of course does not change the fact that in case of an emergency we talk to Customer at any time);
  • immediate response - we guarantee that entrusted with us cases of repetitive nature we shall process the same day, or next workday.   More complicated matters we handle within deadline agreed with the Customer.   We guarantee that we shall not go beyond that deadline.
  • communication via video conference - since this form of communication has all the advantages of a "live" meeting, allowing at the same time for cost optimization of Customer's operations and saving its time.

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