Talk with a lawyer- first consultation is FREE

Talk with a lawyer- first consultation is FREE

... and you face a problem with real estate, for example related to:

  • lease agreements for commercial premises, renewal of contracts, annex or agreement;
  • legal correspondence with your contractors;
  • HR issues;
  • trade agreements with key partners such as designers, banks or general contractors;
  • acquisition of real estate;
  • banking and insurance issues, bank guarantees, insurance policies, submitting oneself to the collection proceedings on the basis of the deed
  • property tax or annual fee for perpetual usufruct;
  • administrative and legal procedures associated with the execution of projects;
  • collection of  debts;
  • management of lease agreements;


Why our service is unique:

  • it is convenient - you can talk to us in a manner that is most convenient for you - by phone or by Skype video conference.  Of course, if that is your wish, we are happy to meet with you personally;
  • it is effective - if you choose Skype video conference, you will be able to see us (not necessarily being seen by us) and we will be able to work on documents that interest you by seeing them on computer screens;
  • our lawyers are efficient - Causa Finita Commercial Real Estate Law Firm has been dealing for over 10 years exclusively with legal services for commercial real estate and retail chains.  The vast majority of legal problems we deal with are of a repetitive nature - many times we had to deal with these problems, and over the time we learned how to resolve them efficiently and effectively. 
  • our lawyers are experienced - we have gained our experience while executing such projects as:   "Millenium Hall" in Rzeszów, "Wołomin" Shopping Mall in Wołomin, "Tomaszów" Shopping Mall in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, "Sukcesja" Centre in Łódź, "Korona" in Kielce, "Mosty" in Płock, "Leszno"  Shopping Mall in Leszno, "Piast" Shopping Mall in Legnica, "Świdnicka" Shopping Mall in Świdnica, "Twierdza" Shopping Mall in Zamość, as well as retail chains such as Media Expert.
  • because we possess unique resources - Causa Finita Law Firm is formed by a specialized team of lawyers dedicated exclusively to commercial real estate and retail chains.  We have a specific know-how in this field as well as specially prepared office space and dedicated IT solutions.

- first consultation is FREE -


First consultation FREE

If you want to consult your problemm with us, do not heinstate to contat our team. 

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