Synthica - software for the management of lease agreements

Synthica - software for the management of lease agreements

The management of complexed and long-term lease agreements is increasingly easier thanks to a new software developed by Causa Finita S.A.

Synthica - new tool designed for commercial chains has been just launched in the market place. Especially developed system that can be used on each computer, tablet or smartphone will organize, archive and facilitate even the most complexed lease agreement in an easy and transparent way.

- Synthica, for example, will remind you to prolong an agreement for subsequent period at a given location, will prevent automatic prolongation of a lease, remind you about a deadline for the submission of proper declarations or bank guarantees - says Robert Szczepanek, originator of the software, owner of Causa Finita Commercial Real Estate Law Firm.

The software also provides fast and easy access to most important and up-to--date terms and conditions of a lease of each location. Data is grouped in a clear way and allow its juxtaposition and comparing. If any information is of any interest of the user, it may be quickly verified based on the contextual segment (preview) of the content of the agreement.

Functionality that is particularly useful for tenants is also a lease quality control module. It allows ongoing monitoring, whether the tenants implement any lease agreement in such aspects as: providing pre-defined commercialization level of a commercial centre, presence of particular brands or exclusivity of particular assortment. Consequently, Synthica is able to indicate all these situations, where agreements empower the chain manager to terminate the agreement or reduce the rent.

It is worth noting the transparency of a calendar or a method of notification and alerting about events included in lease agreement - calendar has the form of a timeline, and Synthica takes care that none of the deadlines escaped the user's notice. Relevant persons are being informed about each event. The calendar may be integrated with each Google or Outlook calendar.

- These are only some of functionalities of Synthica software. The platform developed by us is addressed to both smaller commercial chains and giants holding few hundreds locations. Our own observations show that standard control tools covering also such issues are not sufficient and it is easy to make a costly mistake. Synthica will eliminate such problems completely- unerlines Robert Szczepanek.

- We have developed Synthica having in mind that the access to information on terms of lease was fast and simple as much as possible. Consequently, the user may preview details of a lease of his stores on a desk top in his office as well as on a smartphone during a meeting with contractor. Synthica monitors the schedule of events as per the lease agreement for the entire chain of stores. Lease quality control module will support the tenant in enforcing terms and conditions of an agreement and controlling  whether the lease complies with the agreement and rent paid. In addition, thanks to questionnaire module it is possible to provide current information from a chain of shops going beyond the provisions of a lease agreement, e.g. verification of standards and appearance of stores, or answers to questions individually formulated by the management board. Synthica is receiving very positive opinions and the company has started negotiations for its first deployments - sums up Krzysztof Stańko, the Chairman of the Board of Causa Finita S.A. responsible for operational issues, development and deployment of Synthica system.

You may find out more about the operation of the software, its key functionalities during autumn edition of Shopping Center Forum 2017. Representatives of Causa Finita S.A. will take part in the fairs in September. System presentation may be downloaded from:


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