New services of Causa Finita are well received by people in the industry

New services of Causa Finita are well received by people in the industry

The “Lease Negotiator” service, as well as the “Talk to a Lawyer” program developed by Causa Finita Commercial Real Estate Law Firm enjoys large popularity among retail chains and shopping centres.

– From our perspective, checklists developed by Causa Finita are a perfect solution in the process of commercialization of our shopping centres. Working with such checklists helps eliminate any mistakes and inaccuracies in communication, as well as significantly decreases duration of the process itself. The checklists are incredibly simple and include lease parameters, which are significant not only in negotiating lease agreements but also during later management of the object, says Kinga Kozłowska, Senior Leasing Manager in Tower Investments S.A.

– At first we were rather sceptical about video conferences because this is not a standard form of communication in business. However with time we decided that analysing various documents by Causa Finita is much more efficient than telephone calls or email correspondence, says Marcin Żakowski, Head of the Real Estate Department in Terg SA.

The Talk to a Lawyer program brings interesting effects. By clicking on the icon on the website, the user is video connected to the assistant, who after a short conversation connects the user with a lawyer specializing in a given field.

– We have conducted several such conversations, where all customers were satisfied with how fast there were provided with specialized legal aid. Such conversations are incredibly inspiring. We have never thought that through such casual contact our customers will be able to provide us with many interesting ideas for unusual legal services. This is how our new services of managing lease agreements for shopping centres was developed, emphasizes Robert Szczepanek, founder of the Law Firm.

Causa Finita Commercial Real Estate Law Firm specializes in real estate law and in complex servicing of investment processes, which include mostly commercial buildings – shopping centres and hotels.

autor: Robert Szczepanek, Attorney at law, founder of CAUSA FINITA Law Firm

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