Lease Negotiator

Within the framework of Lease Negotiator we offer:

  • support for the commercialization process by a professional team of  lawyers dealing exclusively with commercialisation of space in shopping centres;
  • guarantee for the preparation of lease agreement, negotiation position or final document at the next workday, at the latest;
  • immediate response of our lawyers. You can watch us at a moment most convenient for you, communicating with us just by one click and work on the same lease document sharing with us the screen of your computer;
  • continuous availability of our lawyers from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. - you may consult them via video channel with possibility of screen sharing, as well as consultations by telephone and e-mail  (which of course does not change the fact that in case of an emergency we talk to Customer at any time);              
  • negotiations run by a team of experienced, amiable and communicative lawyers with strong interpersonal skills, a lot of energy and pro-active, pro-business and practical approach to entrusted tasks;
  • process of negotiation of lease agreements structured in the form of a repeatable process, split into stages, with predefined check-lists;
  • negotiations of lease agreements with the use of video-conferencing;
  • considerable reduction in the duration and cost of commercialization process.  

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